Do You Like Travelling With Your Dog?

Families can enjoy the great outdoors by camping and going on holiday in a caravan, and they should also take along their much-loved pet.

Nowadays, pets are allowed in most holiday/caravan parks, and there are certain pet rules in every park.

You can book the park by contacting it directly to:

Determine if there are any changes with regards to policies and
Find out if any conditions apply.

Before you leave, make sure that:

Your pet has the required vaccinations and up-to-date registration;
You pet has a name tag attached to the collar, which contains its name plus your contact information;
You have the proper equipment to carry your pet;
Before leaving home, you will pack everything needed by your pet during the entire trip, since these products may not be available anywhere along the way or at the final destination.

Things to prepare and pack for your pet:

Vaccination documents;
This is very important, especially when you need to leave your pet at a boarding kennel on a particular day of your trip like when you want to go to a National Park that does not allow pets. If you cannot provide proof of vaccinations, kennels might not accept your pet;
Food and water;
Food and water bowls;
Can opener for pet food;
Grooming tools like brush and shampoo;
Toys, blankets and coat if needed;
Poop scooper or plastic bags to clean the areas you visit;
Collar and leash;
Medication your pet might need;
While travelling, it is crucial to look after your pet since some animals have different reactions to travel, and some may feel distressed without the proper care. In case you plan to bring along your pet on a long car trip, it may be a good idea to try taking it on a short drive to observe its behavior.

During the trip, you can look after your pet by:

Bringing an adequate amount of water;
Placing a blanket or cloth over your pet’s carrier in the car, if it is a cat or bird – since such animals do not like travelling so much;
Making sure that they do not get too cold or feel too hot;
Making frequent stops to let your dog stretch out during long trips.

While you are staying at a holiday/caravan park, see to it that you:

Follow the park’s policies, and be considerate of other guests by not letting your pet dominate the area;
Always pick up your pet’s poop
Keep your pet under control every time, for its safety and that of the people surrounding you;
Plan your trip very well so your pet will enjoy the vacation just like the rest of the family.

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